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Episode Archive

159 episodes of The Good-Good Golf Podcast since the first episode, which aired on September 20th, 2019.

  • Ep 127: Opening The Opens Can of Worms

    December 7th, 2022  |  1 hr 21 mins

    It was an intriguing week at the Australian Opens and we welcome Golf Australia magazine editor Brendan James into the studio to discuss his excellent post tournament column as well as lots of chatter about where the tournaments are and where they could go.

  • Ep 126: All Abilities in the Spotlight

    December 1st, 2022  |  1 hr 10 mins

    The men's and women's concurrent events will get the bulk of the attention but there will be some compelling golf played in the All Abilities Championship this week at Victoria Golf Club also. World Number 7 Kurtis Barkley joins the podcast to talk all this golf and disability including what he thinks will be an under par winning score at the AAC this week.

  • Ep 125: All The Presidents Women

    November 28th, 2022  |  1 hr 1 min

    There is plenty of history surrounding this year's concurrent Australian Opens, not the least being both host clubs - Kingston Heath and Victoria - have (or in Victoria's case recently had) women Presidents. On today's episode we welcome Nikki McClure (Kingston Heath) and Sue Hosking (Victoria GC President until recently) to talk all things preparation for the tournaments as well as women and the game in general. Add leading Australian golf writer Karen Harding to the mix and you have all the ingredients for an episode full of insight and eloquence (despite her suggestion the epsiode should be titled Three Women and a Baby!)

  • Ep 124: Big Time Golf Back in Australia. Do we Care? Yes

    November 23rd, 2022  |  58 mins 35 secs

    The eyes of the golf world will be firmly fixed on Australia for the next two weeks as both the Australian PGA and dual Australian Opens are payed out with some of the biggest names in the game in attendance. There's chat about that plus sportswashing and the Qatar World Cup, what percentage of Americans believe they could win a fight against a chimpanzee and even a bit of golf chat.

  • Ep 123: The Evolving Role of Golf Media with Bill Fields

    November 17th, 2022  |  1 hr 5 mins

    Returning to one of Good-Good’s favourite topics - the role of media in golf - we return to one of Good-Good’s favourite past guests - Bill Fields.

    Bill Fields maybe as close as golf gets to being graced with journalistic royalty. Among a list of remarkable writing credits Bill is a former editor of Golf World, a noted golf photographer (his photo of Larry Mize winning the 1987 Masters was the cover image of “Best Sports Stories 1988”) he is also the recipient of the 2020 PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism.

  • Ep 122: James Gribble on the new 2023 Rules of Golf and Golfers with a Disability

    November 9th, 2022  |  56 mins 19 secs

    The 2023 changes to the Rules of Golf were announced this week and one change in particular caught our interest - the introduction of Rule 25 for Golfers with a Disability. It's an important statement regarding the inclusivity of the Rules of Golf and the accessibility of the game and who better to talk to than James Gribble the CEO of Empower Golf - a full service not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to facilitate and promote golf for people living with disabilities.

  • Ep 121: The Changing Landscape of Pro Golf

    November 5th, 2022  |  1 hr 5 mins
  • Ep 120: Are We Unfair To Golfers?

    October 20th, 2022  |  1 hr 7 mins

    There's reader mail this week wondering if the Good Good team is too hard on golfers? it's a fair question (and took up more of the discussion than expected) plus professional golf is coming to a town near you and why you should make the effort to go and watch it.

  • Ep 119: Golf's Most Important Word: Sustainability

    October 7th, 2022  |  58 mins 17 secs

    Golf faces multiple problems but among its most serious is the perception that it is an environmentally irresponsible use of land. While the game can - and is - improving in this area it is important golfers and non-golfers alike are aware of the message. Sam Thomas of the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf joins the pod to talk Sustainable Golf Week and the game's future.

  • Ep 118: Presidents Cup Plus

    September 30th, 2022  |  1 hr 14 mins

    It's hard to imagine there's much left to say about the Presidents Cup but we won't let that stop us. There's a bit of LIV and World Rankings talk as well.

  • Ep 117: Man on a Mission - Ewan Porter

    September 22nd, 2022  |  59 mins 18 secs

    From touring professional to hating the game to falling in love with it all over again. Ewan Porter's golf journey has run the full gamut including his latest mission to play every golf course in Sydney. Not just the fancy ones, mind, but the public courses, too. It's an intriguing tale and features some good banter with Adrian Logue and Golf Australia magazine deputy editor (and now regular Good Good co-host) Jimmy Emanuel.

  • Ep 116: Richard Gillis on LIV Golf

    August 17th, 2022  |  1 hr 14 mins

    Of all the coverage of the ongoing LIV Golf drama some of the best has come from outside the golf world in the form of sports business writer and podcaster Richard Gillis of the Unofficial Partner blog and podcast. Gillis joins the podcast to discuss where the controversy sits in the broader sports world and what might lie ahead.

  • Ep 115: Emma Ballard at The Women's Open

    August 3rd, 2022  |  1 hr 1 min

    It's the final major of the year this week and what a fitting end to a fabulous run of Grand Slam events with the world's best women set to take on the Muirfield golf course in Scotland. Women and Golf Editor Emma Ballard is on site for the week and joins the pod to set the scene for what promises to be a great event.

  • Ep 114: Rory, Cam, Evian and More

    July 20th, 2022  |  1 hr 13 mins

    Jimmy Emanuel of Golf Australia magazine joins us to discuss Cam Smith's victory at the 150th Open, how The Old Course held up (very well) and how Cam's win feeds the insatiable LIV rumour mill. We also preview the next Women's major - the Evian Championship and discuss the future of Women's majors.

  • Ep 113: On The ground with Brendan James at The Old Course

    July 13th, 2022  |  1 hr 10 mins

    There's electricity in the air as the 150th Open approaches and we get a taste of the atmosphere and what's making news on the ground at St Andrews from Golf Australia magazine editor Brendan James.

  • Ep 112: Hannah Holden from National Club Golfer

    July 8th, 2022  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Hannah Holden is one of the small number of women who cover golf, her contributions ranging from in depth equipment reviews to opinion pieces on LIV Golf and the reaction to Linn Grant's win in the Scandinavian Mixed event last month.